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Where The Locals Watch The Cowboys: 7 Local Spots To See The Game


We're here to help you find the best bars and restaurants for viewing the big game! They’ve all got plentiful food, drink, and TV real estate. Check out 7 of our favorite game-day bars & restaurants!... Read full article

Dallas: A World-Class Food Scene


If you haven’t given Dallas’s restaurant scene a close look lately, now’s a good time to revisit. This article showcases five of our top-tier eateries that elevate Dallas's culinary prowess to new levels.... Read full article

What The Locals Eat: Best Taco Spots In Dallas-Fort Worth


Our TravelHost DFW team shares their favorite taco spots with you! This treasure-trove of culinary knowledge if bound to score you some stellar tacos - check it out!... Read full article

This Is How I Would Spend A Day In Dallas

by Jason Bahamundi on

Jason Bahamundi the VP Sales and Marketing has outlined his recommendations for the perfect Saturday in the #DFW Metroplex. Start with breakfast and finish with a movie but enjoy everything in between.... Read full article



New York Deli and Bakery... Read full article

Where The Locals Eat: Best Mexican Spots in DFW


When you think of the Texas food scene, you likely think of two things: barbeque, and Mexican food. And for good reason - anyone who’s sampled our culinary offerings knows that Texas does them best. Allows us to help you find the best Mexican in DFW.... Read full article

Where The Locals Drink [Coffee]: Our Lucky 7 Coffee Spots In The Dallas Metroplex


Dallas has a unique and growing coffee scene that will delight the traveling coffee-connoisseur and caffeine-addict alike. Check out our lucky seven coffee shops to find the perfect coffee nook tailored to your preferences.... Read full article

Where The Locals Drink: Dallas Beer Gardens


We’ve pulled together our list of favorite Dallas beer gardens. All offer fantastic outdoor seating areas, an expansive list of beverages, and provide a great scene to kick back and relax. Most welcome four-legged friends into their outdoor areas!... Read full article

Where The Locals Eat: 5 Winning Brunches


Brunch: an essential food group for the Dallasite. If you’re new in town or visiting you absolutely must partake in this glorious tradition. Here are five spectacular options to get you started.... Read full article

Where The Locals Explore: Knox Henderson East


So you want to explore Dallas like a local? We’re here to help by introducing you to the best local eateries, entertainment venues, coffee shops, and dives in Knox Henderson East!... Read full article