Stratos Greek Taverna

From an atmosphere that is both romantically Greek (gleaming white walls, brilliant blue-topped spires, and lush vegetation) and comfortably American (a dance floor, televisions dotting the walls, and a relaxed bar-next-door setting), Stratos Global Greek Taverna delivers freshly-made, deliciously-tasty, 100% authentic Greek food right here in the heart of Dallas.  

With such rich beginnings to your Grecian dining experience, you can bet the entrees will be just as filling, delicious, and full of lemon, oregano, and (of course!) cheese!  For instance, the Chicken Lemonatto is a meal not to be missed.  In addition, could you really sample Stratos' fare without trying the lamb chops?  Lamb is known worldwide as a Grecian specialty.  The Rack of Lamb Oreganatto at Stratos is savory and juicy, grilled to medium rare perfection.  

With such a perfect meal, who could resist a sinfully delicious dessert?  If you are a chocolate lover, then Aphrodite's Chocolate Passion is for you!  After such an amazing Grecian meal, you absolutely must sample the Galaktabouriko!  It is a sweet orange-infused custard baked between layers of phyllo dough and butter.  Drizzle warm honey and cinnamon on top, and Galaktabouriko will be your new favorite dessert.

Greek out and come celebrate with us! Every Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 pm you can experience a belly dance floor show and instruction. Wine, dine and dance the night away Wednesday through Saturday until 2 am. Every Monday through Friday is Classic Happy Hour from 11 am to 7 pm. and  Wednesday through Sunday is half price wines by the glass and by the bottle after 5 pm.  Nick Rizos and his Big Greek Family at Stratos Taverna would also like to honor their guests on Customer Appreciation Nights on Mondays and Tuesdays with half price dinners. Don't miss out on DFW's best Greek Food, Gyro's and Entertainment. As owner Nick Rizos says..."You'll love it Baby!"

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20 Feb 2017

By Staff Author