This Is How I Would Spend A Day In Dallas

With so much to choose from the staff at TravelHost has decided to provide you with a peak into what is an ideal day in Dallas-Fort Worth. These recommendations are what we would tell our friends who are visiting from out of town so that they can get a real feel for how the locals move around the Metroplex.


The first look is from our VP Sales and Marketing and how he enjoys a Saturday in DFW. For him there is nothing better than a cup of hot coffee and a filling breakfast to provide the energy needed for the day. Where does he recommend you get both of those items? He suggests you head over to ZenZero Bakery and Cafe. Be sure to have either the bottomless cup (because COFFEE!) or the New Orleans Cold Brew (because COFFEE!) and the Cowboy Waffle. This is a crispy on the outside and soft on the inside waffle that is over top of the best potatoes and then covered with a fried eggs and sauteed veggies. You can get the chipotle sour cream and bacon as well but Jason is a vegetarian so he leaves that off.


After spending some time laughing with friends over a fantastic meal it is time to hop in your car or Uber and head to Bishop Arts District. This unique neighborhood has everything you can possibly want and have it all within walking distance. The area is full of independent boutiques and restaurants. If you are looking for that one of a kind piece of art then The Bishop Arts District is for you. If you want to experience the culture of Dallas then The Bishop Arts District is for you. Of course you are going to work up an appetite with all the walking and shopping but do not worry.....there are restaurants. Lots to choose from but Jason is fond of heading over to Eno's Pizza and Tavern. As a New Yorker he is very picky when it comes to pizza but Eno's has convinced him that he can enjoy pizza in the heart of Dallas.


OK, so you have been to ZenZero and to Eno's in The Bishop Arts District but what is next? How about heading back north to enjoy the Avocado Tempura tacos at J. Macklin's. Get the idea that Jason just loves to eat? Well, you would be correct in that assessment. When Jason travels he wants to enjoy what the locals enjoy. That includes staycations or just spending a weekend away from the house. At J.Macklin's he enjoys sitting on the patio and enjoying the fall air and atmosphere.


So what do you do for the evening now that dinner is over? How about heading to the Moviehouse and Eatery in Flower Mound or McKinney or for a movie where you can continue eating (although you might be stuffed by now) or just push the recliner to full laydown mode and enjoy the latest hit movie.


What do you love about the DFW Metroplex when you visit the area? What places do you recommend our staff visit?

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14 Nov 2016

By Jason Bahamundi