Where The Locals Drink [Coffee]: Our Lucky 7 Coffee Spots In The Dallas Metroplex

You may not associate Dallas with coffee shops the way you would Seattle or Austin, but our city has a unique and growing coffee scene that will delight the traveling coffee-connoisseur and caffeine-addict alike.

Check out our lucky 7 coffee shops below to find the perfect coffee nook tailored to your preferences. In fact, why not try them all? We think you’ll be hard-pressed to try just one.

Ascension Coffee

Design District & Uptown Neighborhoods. Modern, chill ambience. Lots of natural light. Food & drink options.


Ascension is a brunch spot, a wine and beer bar, and a venue for local music, but its heart is coffee. In fact, their roastery is just down the way in Dallas. A knowledgeable wait-staff happily helps you pair your taste buds’ preferences with the perfect cup of coffee while you take in the expansive, upscale feel of Ascension. Come for a date or a change of setting - you’ll dig this bright, open environment.


Website: https://ascensiondallas.com/


Brewed Coffee

Magnolia Ave - Fort Worth. Jack-Of-All Trades: food, coffee, tea, & drinks. Board games. Outdoor fire pit.

Brewed is a place that beckons you to come stay a while. Warm and open with plenty of seating and plugs, it’s a top spot to work, congregate, or escape for the weekend. Excellent coffee is a given, but the impeccable dessert menu is an added bonus. Not in the mood for coffee? Brewed offers tea, wine, beer, and appetizers. Rounding out the offerings are board games and an outdoor seating area with a fire pit. We highly recommend you give this Fort Worth staple a try.

Website: http://brewedfw.com/


Lower Greenville Neighborhood & Fort Worth. Rustic. Hunting lodge meets coffee house.


It’s a hipster hunting lodge - there’s just no better way to sum it up. Wild game, foliage, and wood line the walls of this Lower Greenville establishment. A Fort Worth location is open as well! Coffee, brews, and kitchen offerings give you everything you need for a day of work or play. Come escape the city in this coffee retreat!


Website: http://www.mudsmithcoffee.com/


Houndstooth Coffee

Knox Henderson Neighborhood & Sylvan Thirty. Stylish, hip ambience. Work and congregate.

One of our go-to spots for getting work knocked out, Houndstooth has two locations in Dallas where you can tuck away while sampling from the extensive caffeinated offerings. Houndstooth is “the pattern of coffee and people.” Their expert baristas can craft whatever you desire and lead you to your coffee zen. We think you’ll dig the simple, modern elegance that makes Houndstooth special.

Website: http://www.houndstoothcoffee.com/

The Wild Detectives

Bishop Arts District Neighborhood. Homey & cozy. Bookstore/coffee shop. WWW: Weekends Without Wifi.


If you’re truly looking to escape the city and disconnect from the world, we’d recommend you hit The Wild Detectives on a weekend. From Friday at 5 PM till Monday morning you won’t find a Wi-Fi connection at TWD. Nothing but sweet serenity, conversation, books, and of course, coffee. The Wild Detectives is a cozy spot you’ll liken to your living room. Bring a book, grab a drink, and come meet someone new.   

Website: http://thewilddetectives.com/


Zenzero Kitchen

Coppell. Fresh food. Local coffee roasts. “The art of cultivating community.”

Zenzero is a community coffeehouse - emphasis on community. Their coffee is expertly crafted from local roasters, the food is scratch-made with the best ingredients, but the soul of this coffee shop is its people. Whether you’re a Coppell-native or visiting and looking for a place to connect with others, Zenzero is a place you’ll feel welcome. Order a fresh pastry, strike up conversation with your neighbor, and enjoy this community gem.

Website: http://zenzerokitchen.com/

Bolsa Mercado

Bishop Arts District Neighborhood. Vintage furniture. Fresh-daily artisan bakery offerings.

Bolsa Mercado has a bit of everything for the Bishop Arts District visitor. A snack, a drink, or a full-on meal, Bolsa Mercado is a key gathering spot in the neighborhood. Vintage couches to kick back on, tables to meet around, and the aroma of fresh coffee wafting through the large, open shop. We enjoy working from here every bit as much as meeting a friend. We think you’ll love it too.

Website: http://bolsadallas.com/bolsa-mercado/


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30 May 2017

By Matt Zeiser