Where The Locals Eat: Donut Shops Of Dallas

Dallas is a pretty active place. Take a walk through any of the urban districts and you’ll likely see enough yoga pants to open a Lululemon on the spot. There’s a gym on every corner with an adjoining juice bar. Walking, running, & biking trails abound, and people generally try to stay fit.

And do you know why we do it? So we can eat donuts. And donuts we have - over 900 in the metro area. Let’s talk about five of our favorite spots to get the iced, glazed, and powdered-sugar covered goodness our tastebuds long for.

Glazed Donut Works

Glazed has become a Deep Ellum staple for its specialty donuts. Apart from making their dough fresh every day, they make their glazes, toppings, and fillings in house. Every. Single. Day. So if you want some fresh dough in your doughnut and a pastry created with immaculate care and attention to detail, Glazed is where you’re going.

Hypnotic Donut Shop

Hypnotic Donut Shop is Dallas’s original craft donut shop. They’re also home to “kinda world famous chicken biscuits” - so there you have it, two birds with one stone. The Hypnotic crew set out to make exceptional donuts using better ingredients, and have fun doing it. Check out their shops in Dallas and Denton for a bite of glazed goodness.

Yummy Donuts

We like Yummy Donuts. It’s a play on words, but these people are not playing around with their donuts. This family-owned donut stop pumps out sweet aromas and superior donuts. Whether you want a traditional donut with sprinkles or something adventurous like a green tea donut, this University Park shop is going to hook you up!

Mustang Donuts

In a world of immaculate, boutique donuts, sometimes one just needs a good ole’ fashioned donut. Mustang Donuts exists to give you just that. But ole’ fashioned doesn’t mean plain - Mustang pumps out crullers, glazed donuts, sausage donuts, blueberry donuts...and so many others. Let your taste buds be your guide as you check out Mustang’s near SMU!

Jaram’s Donuts

For our donut-enthusiasts, travelers, and locals north of 635, Jaram’s serves up a little bit of everything. From their Average Joe Donuts to kolaches and specialty offerings, Jaram’s makes delectable donuts in-house with the best ingredients. Heck, you can even get a funnel cake without having to go to the fair. What’s not the love?

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21 Nov 2017

By Matt Zeiser