Where The Locals Eat: Texas Barbeque Edition - Issue 2

Back by popular demand, it’s issue 2 of TravelHost’s barbeque recommendations! Click here to read issue 1.

It’s high-time we addressed this issue. Here it is - the straight truth: the Dallas Metroplex has the best barbeque in the entire world. There, we said it. LA to Memphis, Alabama to Kansas City, there’s just nothing like Texas-style barbeque. And Dallas has it in droves.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let us present some evidence for the skeptics. In Texas, barbeque means beef. Pigs are for sausage, bacon, and boudin, but BBQ comes from a cow. Barbeque also means brisket, smoked slow and long to perfection. It’s cowboy steak and you can eat it “cowboy style” - that is - sans any sauces, schmears, or sides. Just take in the smoky, beefy goodness that is Texas BBQ. (Don’t worry, you can still have your sauces and sides.)

We know that even with our pitch and mouthwatering pics, many of you need to consult your tastebuds on who actually has the best barbeque. Luckily, we’re here to help you out with that. Below are five outstanding barbeque locations that you must try next time you’re in town.

Meshack’s Bar-B-Que

Meshack’s takes the concept of “cowboy-style” barbeque to the next level. There’s nothing frivolous or unnecessary here - just a sacred shrine to the goodness of BBQ. Walk up to the drive-thru style window, get your food, and head on to wherever you’re going (because there’s no seating at Meshacks). That’s not to say Meshacks lacks ambience; the scent of old-fashioned, smoked-to-perfection barbeque provides all the atmosphere we require.

Hutchin’s BBQ

You’ll find Hutchin’s in the Dallas suburbs and sub-suburbs of Frisco & McKinney. Follow the barbeque trail north and you’ll be treated to four decades of Texas tradition. Hutchin’s boasts slowly-smoked meats over pecan and oak woods, only the finest ingredients, local vegetables, sides, and a little something called a Texas Twinkie (hint, it involves bacon, jalapenos, and cream cheese).


TEN 50 is all about “authentic Texas barbecue served with a heaping side of Texas hospitality.” Located in Richardson, just off North Central Expressway, lies this local barbeque treasure: prime cuts of meat smoked 12 to 16 hours over hickory, oak, pecan, and mesquite. Grab a warm, homemade yeast roll and a side of TEN 50’s incredible banana pudding and you’ll be set!

Heim BBQ

Heim BBQ is located in the trendy Magnolia Avenue area of Fort Worth. Travis and Emma Heim have taken their barbeque business from a part-time hobby in food-truck to a full-time, local and nationally acclaimed institution. Whether you’re after brisket, pulled pork, ribs, or just want some home-cooked sides, Heim BBQ has you covered.  

Cattleack BBQ

Located just north of Highway 635 near the Galleria, Cattleack BBQ is bringing the finest smoked barbeque to the Addison & Farmer’s Branch areas. Stop by for a brisket, pork belly, or ribs. Make it a sandwich or take it as it comes. Whatever you choose, we recommend you finish your meal off with Cattleack’s homemade banana pudding pie or their self-proclaimed “crack cake.”

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30 May 2017

By Matt Zeiser